Faculty of Public Health
Message from the Dean

Dear students,

Welcome to the Faculty of Public Health of La Sagesse University.

First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the tremendous ability with which
you have all adapted to this period which has been difficult to say the least on all levels.

Our commitment to public health education and the training of professionals in Physical
Therapy, Nursing, Medical Imaging and Hospital Management continues.

We moved to teaching and learning online as we all struggled with COVID-19 and tried to find
our way through the pandemic, containment and financial collapse. Indeed, these times challenge
all Lebanese in an unprecedented way. We continue with determination, ingenuity to provide
quality education and we aim to develop research.

I am taking on this new role of dean in these turbulent times. We have a difficult journey ahead
of us, but I remain optimistic and hopeful. Being Lebanese means that we can and must be
resilient between crises and reconstruction. I wish to pursue an ambitious, voluntary, dynamic,
clear-sighted and responsible policy in order to give our faculty all the assets that will allow it to
shine through its excellence.

With the high level of its teachers, available and attentive, with a demanding internship policy
and a real accompaniment towards professionalization, our faculty is fundamentally, a place of
transmission of knowledge.

Our students are the young professionals of tomorrow, ready to assume their role on the front
line in the assurance of quality care and in the promotion of public health.

Dr. Diala El Khoury.