Dear La Sagesse University Alumni,

we are announcing the launch of the ULS ALUMNI NETWORK with the objective of enhancing your belonging to the institution that prepared you to play an active role in the society. We hope to establish a direct means of communication that strengthens the relationship amongst the university Alumni, as well as create an intergenerational solidarity between alumni and current students.


The university plans to keep you informed of its latest news and announcements, which could be of interest to you and to your community, including news of your fellow alumni. Beyond that, the main objective of the university is to inaugurate and forge lines of communication with its alumni community. In order to reach the greatest number of alumni and enlarge our community, the university wishes to collect alumni’s email addresses.


Hence, the university is counting on you to share this message with all alumni and encourage them to contact us via email:


For organizational purposes, and in order to categorize our alumni by graduating year and region, we kindly request that you fill out the form found through accessing the link below:


Your involvement and cooperation will allow us to reunite our alumni and create a region based alumni community.




Best Regards,

Father Guy Sarkis, Alumni Vice-President