University Library

The library occupies a total area of 1000m2 subdivided into open area lecture rooms and 9 closed-in rooms equipped with computers to conduct research on the Internet. Students can work on their own laptops in the whole library taking advantage of the wireless feature.

In addition to its usual services, the library provides Internet access and computerized references catalogue.

More than 35.500 documents are available. They could be viewed on site or borrowed home except for periodicals, reference works and thesis. The books can be borrowed for 7 days with a chance of one time renewal. The student can borrow up to 1 book each time. The library is always acquiring new books in order to enrich its resources.

These documents cover the disciplines taught at the various faculties of La Sagesse University. Some of these documents include juridical periodicals that date back to the 19th century. Newspapers and periodicals are always up to date.

The Rules and Regulations of the library describe the procedures related to reception, internal and external borrowings, reprography, mechanisms as well as the cost of certain services.


Main Campus

P.O.Box: 50-501 Furn-El-Chebak, Lebanon
Telephone: 961-1- 291 091 ext. 118