Faculty of Public Health

Physiothérapie (129 crédits)

Physiotherapy is a widely recognized health profession that treats a wide variety of health problems from birth to old age.

It is involved in the prevention and promotion of health, assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of impairments and disabilities affecting all body systems.

The physiotherapy program is spread over four years of study or eight semesters following the Anglo-Saxon system of 129 credits (bachelor's level).

Courses are taught with audio-visual support and explanation, tutorials, learning physiotherapy techniques, research and evidence-based practice.

Our students go to the best hospitals and specialized physiotherapy centers to do internships with a team of instructors, who follow them during their years of study.

Finally, our future physiotherapists have outlets in hospitals, sports clubs, aesthetic and remodeling centers, as well as in the field of teaching or in their own practices....

Diplôme en Physiothérapie