Document Control and Archives Office
  • For any changes in the records of your personal information,
  • To settle your "Stop Registration Document Control" and the REJECTION of a certificate request for LACK OF REQUIRED DOCUMENTS,

Kindly write to us at, attaching the necessary supporting documents.


The Document Control Service of Sagesse University is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the university documents, quality, and integrity, and approving validity for the records in the computer system, according to documents and regulations. It comes as part of the ULS’s approach toward assuring high quality of all administrative matters.

Otherwise, as Sagesse University continues to work at becoming more eco-friendly and efficient and as new laws and university guidelines are initiated to protect students, teachers, and staff records, the need for a document control service has been fulfilled with the establishment of this department in the academic year 2014-2015.

This office receives, controls, and integrates the Admission files, maintains Stop List, keeps the academic records, and helps the university adhere to record retention policies, safeguard information and retrieve data more effectively.

It thus ensures a high level of accuracy of information while minimizing time delays in issuing certificates, and authentication, in response to the requirement of the certificates and diplomas’ automation of high-quality administrative behavior.

The office performs administrative tasks as needed to remedy the deficiencies leading to administrative errors accompanying the files from their creation with the admissions office and registration with the Department of Registration and the evolution of certificates during the studies until graduation, and files’ archiving.

Document control includes scanning and digital storing, managing, and tracking the university documents, adhering to the university's document lifecycle procedures, and archiving inactive records in accordance with the records retention schedule. A large part of the job is to control the retrieval of documents. It receives and processes Requests for Information, or RFIs, from the University’s administration.

At the basic level, and according to the needs of high-level registration and retrieval of information, this office has been complemented by the efficiency increase of the university computer system.



Pascale Hojeily Khattar

Head of Document Control and Archives Office

P.O.Box 50-501 Furn-El-Chebak, Lebanon
Phone: 961-1- 291 091 ext. 309