About Uls

Faithful to the mission of his diocese, the Chancellor of the University, His Excellency Mgr. Paul MATAR, Archbishop of Beirut, considers it useful to widen the range of the disciplines offered by the University and this is done according to the evolutionary requirements of the labor market which our younger generations are confronting - while focusing on the following objectives:

  • To raise the level of higher education, thus by promoting universal human values.
  • To continue the mission of knowledge and good citizenship offered to the Lebanese and foreigners, throughout the past decades, by its colleges and schools - namely the School of Law - established in Beirut and its suburbs, and that by following the plans, elaborated and applied by highly qualified specialists.
  • To give the students theoretical knowledge supplemented by applied education so that they will become educated and professional individuals able to meet the requirements of the contemporary world, the needs of the labor market and the ever changing business environment.
  • To promote scientific research in a spirit of openness and dialogue.