About Uls


ULS Mission


The ULS, a Lebanese, Catholic, private, and non-profit institution, was founded in 1875 by the Maronite Archdiocese of Beirut.

Its mission is to prepare generations of Lebanese youth for the changing labor market and to support active members of society in their quest for knowledge.

Sagessians are vectors of progress and innovation, free willed to make the right choice, open-minded and committed to good values and hard work; they work for a united citizenship and for a society based on justice, transparency and ethics.





Preferred values


Anchored in Greater Lebanon, which it saw its birth and then accompanied, ULS promotes, in its mission of training, research and community involvement, the Christian and universal values of freedom, justice, social responsibility and human dignity.



ULS Vision


ULS intends to become a center for fundamental and applied research responding to the changing needs of the market. As an environment conducive to pluralism and cultural diversity, ULS aims to be a privileged space for dialogue. It will train the entrepreneurial spirit of young people, thus facilitating their professional integration. Rooted in the City, ULS works to promote the culture of life and the family. Aware of the role of the University in building public space, ULS will promote a culture of institutionalization, transparency and the fight against corruption.