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Sagesse University Main Campus

The new main campus of Sagesse University was inaugurated and blessed by His Eminence the Patriarch Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir on June 28, 2002. Each year, on the 25th of January, the university celebrates "St. Paul’s” day, the apostle of the nations. The buildings are distinguished by their modern architecture and, at the same time, are inspired with their circular forms and grandiose pillars, by the majesty of Large Historical Schools. They consist of 4 blocks of 7 levels, in addition to the ground floor and the 2 basements which are used as "parking areas" for 500 cars. The campus can hold 3500 full-time students, with classes and auditoriums, examination rooms and conference rooms, all air-conditioned and equipped with data-processing networks and ultra modern technical installations. As to the main campus library, it consists of 2 stories covering a surface of 1000 m2 in a pleasant circular shape. The Campus also includes a chapel, a conference room of 120 seats, a multipurpose room of 300 seats and a theatre of 750 seats with reception area at the side. At the ground floor, you find a cafeteria that accommodates 350 people with student areas. These buildings complies with the most modern safety and comforting conditions.

The geographical location was carefully selected:

indeed it is a point of crossing of various major roads of the country.

Through this choice, we want to create a meeting place for all the young Lebanese people, with the richness which they carry by their diversity and their union. By this fact we remain faithful to the mission of the founder of La Sagesse, Mgr. Youssef Debs in 1875, who relied on Lebanon, the country of dialogue, and which made La Sagesse, for centuries, a witness and an apostle of this openness towards everyone.


Hospitality Management Campus