Faculty of Public Health

Bachelor's degree in Medical Imaging (105 credits) / Bridging Program (for TS technical graduates) 53 credits



Medical imaging is a widely recognized profession in the paramedical field. It includes the means of acquiring and reproducing images of the human body based on various physical phenomena such as X-ray absorption, nuclear magnetic resonance, ultrasound wave reflection or radioactivity, to which optical imaging techniques such as endoscopy are sometimes associated.


The medical imaging program is spread over three years of study or six semesters following the Anglo-Saxon system of 105 credits (bachelor's level).


Courses are taught with audio-visual support and explanation, tutorials, medical imaging skills training, research and evidence-based practice.


Our students do their internships in the best hospitals and radiology and medical imaging centers, with a team of instructors who supervise them during their years of study.


Finally, our future medical imaging technologists will have opportunities in hospitals, radiology and medical imaging centers, in the field of teaching and prospecting...

Licence en Imagerie Médicale