Faculté d'Économie et de Gestion

Required Steps for MBA Thesis and EMBA Practicum

  1. Student should register for the Thesis/Practicum. He/she is allowed to register after completing 30 graduate credit hours for MBA thesis and 33 graduate credit hours for Practicum.
  2. Student should propose a supervisor and a reader from the list of Eligible Research Faculty Members (Form B), fill out the Registration Form (Form A), and discuss it with the Concentration Coordinator and with the Theses Coordinator. Once approved, Form A is submitted to the Registrar’s Office in order to get a Clearance Serial Number. Form A is then submitted for the Dean’s final approval. The Dean assigns a supervisor and a reader. Student keeps a copy duly signed by the Registrar’s Office.
  3. Student discusses with the appointed supervisor to prepare his/her Proposal (Form A1), submits it for comments and validation to the Academic Department, who will thereafter submit it to the Dean for final approval.
  4. Once approved, student can start his/her research work.
  5. Student should incorporate any comments made on the proposal and should continue working on the Thesis/Practicum under the guidance of the supervisor and of the Reader. A soft copy of every work progress made by the student should be submitted to the supervisor and to the Reader in word document.
  6. When the supervisor and the Reader inform the student that he/she is ready to defend the Thesis, the candidate submits the Defense Request Form (Form C), signed by Supervisor, Reader and the Academic Department to the Registrar’s Office at least one month prior to the scheduled date of defense. Form C should be accompanied along with 2 Turnitin reports (one for Literature Review and one for the whole thesis, both signed by supervisor) and with the Abstract (of 150 to 300 words) also signed by the supervisor.
  7. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all the appropriate editing, formatting, and all other requirements detailed in the Thesis/Practicum Guidelines (Form D) have been met.
  8. After the defense, the student should incorporate all revisions/amendments requested by the jury (composed of the Supervisor, the Reader and a President assigned by the Dean), and submit a revised version to each member of the jury. Once it is approved by the jury, the thesis is submitted to the Academic Department. Once approved by the Academic Department, the student shall submit one hard copy (Black Leather-bound) of the final approved version accompanied with two soft copies to the Registrars’ office.
  9. Student is given 20 working days at most to complete any modifications requested by the Defense Jury in order to receive the final grade. Failure to comply exposes the student to a “Failing grade” and loss of property rights of the topic of research.
  10. After completing 30 graduate credit hours, students may enroll in the MBA Thesis. Students have up to three semesters/terms (Fall/Spring/Summer) to submit and defend their MBA Thesis. An “IP” (In Progress) grade will be given at the end of the first semester for administrative purposes. Those who fail to complete the requirements within one academic year will be requested to renew their registration (step 2) and pay new registration fees.
  11. After completing 33 graduate credit hours, students may enroll in the EMBA Practicum. Students have up to three semesters to submit their EMBA Practicum and have it approved. Those who fail to complete the requirements within one academic year will be requested to renew their registration (step 2) and pay new registration fees.
  12. Student is responsible to check his/her Sagesse E-mail on a regular basis.

Theses’ Defense Dates (refer to the Academic Calendar)