Faculté de Droit

The Offices of the Human Rights Legal Clinic are situated on the third floor of the Law Faculty of the La Sagesse University, next to the IT Department.


  • Dr. Karim El Mufti, Director of the Human Rights Legal Clinic, extension 312

Karim El Mufti is a research scholar engaged in the social science school of state-building in multi-communal societies, such as Lebanon and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Having worked in many related international and local institutions as a researcher and activist, he is an expert in Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law and has been in charge of the Human Rights Course within the Law Faculty of the La Sagesse University since October 2008 and became the Director of its Legal Clinic in January 2009.


  • Me Raafat Al Asmar, Executive Assistant, extension 305

M. Raafat El Asmar is a practicing lawyer and previous professor at La Sagesse University. He joined the HRLC in September 2009.