Faculté de Tourisme et de Gestion Hôtelière



The collaboration between Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) and Faculty of Hospitality Management is in twofold:


In first place, the consulting services of the Lausanne Hospitality Consulting prepared for the opening of the Faculty of Hospitality management in September 2005. Continued services included: Architectural guidance, curriculum development, faculty selection support and training professors, as well as courses development coaching. These services are delivered by EHL experts, either in Beirut or in Lausanne and are complemented with an extensive executive education program for the Lebanese hospitality industry delivered by EHL faculty.


In second place, the certification agreement. EHL certifies the programs delivered by Faculty of Hospitality Management. This agreement includes regular academic audits by EHL, various courses delivered by EHL to the faculty and the students in Beirut, during each academic year, as well as the possibilities for students exchange.


In terms of people development, EHL and Sagesse University believe in long term sustainable solutions whereby the local market, is trained a highly professional and qualitative way, through the integration of the latest knowledge and developments in the industry.


EHL guides, coaches, recommends and controls, while Sagesse University runs and manages the faculty of    Hospitality Management. EHL transfers its know-how and expertises to the administration, the faculty, as well as to the staff of the faculty of Hospitality Management in order to develop the best-in-class hospitality education / institution in Lebanon and the neighboring countries. Therefore, professors of EHL travel to Beirut several times a year for short periods of time, in order to deliver courses to professors, students, as well as to the industry. Nevertheless, the core of teaching and research is done by the faculty of Hospitality Management, who also visit EHL as part of their continuous professional development.


The agreement between EHL and the faculty of Hospitality Management aims for: Quality reputation, quality of education, quality of personnel, quality of faculty, quality of students, quality of equipments, quality of installations, quality of  facilities, quality of architecture, and quality of its contact with the industry. The challenge for the Faculty of Hospitality Management is therefore its ability to remain faithful to these quality dimensions on all levels of the Faculty’s organization and management.