The ULS Career Center, that was revamped in October 2022, has creatively developed an effective, collaborative, interdepartmental array of career services for ULS students and graduates. 


The Career Center is dedicated to train ULS students and alumni, prepare them and connect them to the employment market.


The mission of the Career Center is to:

  • Upgrade the employability skills of students


  • Link them to the employment market by developing a substantial network with companies from various industries


  • Serve the students and alumni to draw their career path


Our main objectives and functions are to support students from various faculties: 


  • Explore career options
  • Obtain internships and jobs
  • Apply for job offers
  • Start their own businesses


Our activities cover: 


  • Career advising
  • CV reviewing 
  • CV writing, job interviewing, body language, communication skills and job coaching workshops
  • Posting part-time and full-time job and internship offers via a solid network with companies and signing partnerships
  • Job fairs
  • Company presentations
  • Quick Query Hours for shorter career questions
  • Self-Assessment Tests
  • Job and Internship Offers


Message to students and alumni: “Every week you will receive by mail:

- Internship, part-time and full-time job offers

- Tips & Tricks to enhance your CVs and Job Interviews


Be among the first ones to apply and YOU are on YOUR career path”