Faculté de Tourisme et de Gestion Hôtelière
mercredi 16 mars 2016

As F&B technology is being continuously updated, the Sagesse Faculty of Hospitality Management is looking to keep pace with the new trends in technology. Therefore, when Porfira s.a.r.l., the official distributor of Thermomix in Lebanon, graciously offered the Faculty with what has been named as the world’s most intelligent food processor, Dr. Tanios Kassis, the Dean of the Faculty, gladly accepted.


Thermomix has revolutionized kitchens throughout the world as it chops, grates, mixes, weighs, grinds, cooks, steams, whisks, kneads, and blends ingredients. In addition, a touchscreen displays digital recipes and guides cooking in order to facilitate the process.


The SFHM students will be introduced to the new technology as Dean Kassis, Mr. Marc Ghaoui, Director of Operations, Chef Bechara Chmouny, Production Manager, and their team installed the high tech processor in the kitchen. On behalf of Dean Kassis, the faculty would like to thank Ms. Ioanna Pitta, Ms. Jeanine de Chadarevian, and Ms. Nada Najm for their generous contribution.