Faculté de Tourisme et de Gestion Hôtelière

As a Faculty of Hospitality Management with the Academic Certification of Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, it is vital for us to work with the very best professionals in the industry.  Since we function as an Academic Hotel, we have the support of many of the best suppliers as well as hotel chains and restaurants.

In recognition of their support and cooperation the Sagesse Faculty of Hospitality Management will regularly post information about our suppliers to give you an idea of what these companies are all about.

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Over the past decade, Ksara has seen the introduction of new grape varieties that have grown into vines the Bekaa valley has blissfully nurtured. Ksara has also seen developments in technique such as vines cultivation on wires and the attentive application of advanced science by French oenologists, who watch over the vinification, fermentation and decanting processes.


Today, the wines of Ksara have a specific character, described as a “rare balance of dry fruitiness, of delicacy and coarseness, and of freshness and vigour.” They are the new image of a deliberately international vineyard, classified today as one of the largest. Wines that leave an imprint on the memory which is as long as their history… Read more



Inthra was established in 1994, registered at trading court under number: 12230 Tripoli, just after the end of the Lebanese war, at the time the country was starting to recapture peace and plan for its reconstruction.


The company started in 1994 with a vision to build a professional service for specialty of guest supply withfamous brand names, in order to build a good reputation in our products supplies.


Our aim is first to deal with international supplies known for their leadership in their field, and second to serve private operators, in order to provide our customers with quality products and reliable services. Read more…