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IT Spotlight:


Student E-mail System

SHI students have the ability to sign up for a life-long e-mail address with Microsoft Live@edu (Ongoing Project)

E-mail services offer flexibility, online file storage and e-mail storage capacity.

Antivirus Solutions


An antivirus program is a software product designed to protect a computer from malicious programs, which should be used whenever one is on the internet.



The main reason to use antivirus software is that it prevents viruses, spyware, adware and Trojans from infiltrating your hard drive. These malicious programs can potentially ruin your hard drive.

Performance Issues


Even if your computer does not crash completely, viruses can reduce system performance and cause annoying popups or program crashes. These viruses can be prevented with the use of antivirus software.



Some antivirus programs have to be purchased, but many programs can be downloaded,  it is recommended download or install only trusted Antivirus.

When you are running a licensed and legitimate copy of Microsoft Windows you can benefit from Microsoft Security Essential FREE OF CHARGE.



Antivirus programs are designed not only to remove viruses from a computer, but to prevent them from infecting the computer in the first place. It is better to stop the problem before it starts than to count on being able to download and remove a virus after your computer has been infected.



Many antivirus programs have additional security features, such as firewalls, spyware scanners and malicious link/download scanners.

Wireless Network


A wireless network called (SHI-HotSpot) is now available on the SHI campus. Users will login to the network with their username and password. When using the (SHI-HotSpot) network, users will be bound to only one simultaneous access and with a download quota equal to 200 MB per day.

To get your Username and password for the first time contact the IT Service Desk.

About IT:


IT Mission


The Information Technology Department provides innovative, reliable, and integrated technology solutions, quality services, and information resources.




The Information Technology Department will strive to be a recognized and effective force in using technology to support the ongoing mission and goals of Sagesse University Faculty of Hospitality Management.


The Information Technology Department will:

  • Be a recognized and effective force in using technology to support the ongoing mission and goals of Sagesse University Faculty of Hospitality Management;
  • Be a national exemplar in providing advanced, innovative technology solutions in higher education, and in using technology to streamline and simplify the business and lessen the process loads of people within the SHI community;
  • Be a leader in the seamless integration of the SHI system and an enabling force for the delivery of its services to the students of Sagesse University Faculty of Hospitality Management;
  • Provide services to enable effective communication, collaboration, and coordination among the components of the SHI system to enhance teaching, learning, research, and public service; and
  • Be recognized for excellence in achieving customer satisfaction and providing high quality customer service and information delivery.