Faculty Of Economics and Business Administration
HR Experts Roundtable
Friday 05 Jun 2015

The Faculty of Business Administration’s Human Resource Management (HRM) department organized the Sp’15 “HR Experts Roundtable on May 19 and 21, 2015, at the Sagesse University’s Conference Room in the presence of the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Rock-Antoine Mehanna, who encouraged such initiatives that are aimed at bridging the gap between academia and the marketplace, which are an instrumental pillar of the Faculty’s mission, as he said in his welcome note, as well as he thanked the HRM Department Coordinator, Mr. Dori Daw and his colleagues, Mr. Bassam Nammour, Dr. Jad Saade, and Dr. Joseph Haddad, for organizing this important event. This “HR Roundtable” was attended by several distinguished human resources specialists, faculty members, and several HRM graduate students.


MBA students in the Human Resource Management program presented impressive projects under the guidance of their HRM faculty members: Dr. Joseph Haddad, Dr. Jad Saade, Mr. Dori Daw, and Mr. Bassam Nammour. Students defended their projects before a panel of HR experts from different industries, comprising of the following: Mrs. Emilie Aoun, Head of Human Capital Management at BLOM Bank; Mr. Charles Saliba, CEO of HR Group Holding; Mrs. Sandra Antypas, Head of Human Capital Management at BLC Bank; Mr. George Abi Hanna, Human Resources Manager at Jammal Trust Bank; Mr. George Saab, Group HR Manager at Debbane-Saikali Group; Mr. Toufic Eid, Group HR Director at Plus Holding; and Mrs. Michele Samrani, HR Manager at Unigaz International ltd. The presentations were of high caliber, and some students even received interesting job offers or leads from some of the jury members to joining their organizations. The event was followed by a reception.