Want to learn foreign languages or perfect one that you do not quite master, for personal or professional reasons?

The La Sagesse Language Center (LC) offers you an excellent language selection and cultural activities conducted by qualified and certified instructors.



A multilingual LC:

The LC offers many languages:







Syriac as an additional option




Courses offered by the LC are based upon the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and promote a dynamic learning experience of oral and written communication adapted to different levels.




Conventional classroom format sessions are available for the 4 CEFR levels:

Beginners (A1/A2)

Intermediate (B1/B2) (C1)

Advanced (GER: Rhetoric and Communication)

A language placement test will set a candidate’s level.


For students wishing to study at universities abroad, the Language center offers preparation for the DELF B2 and Cambridge C1 examinations. The LC has become an official center for these exams by virtue of partnerships with the IFL and Cambridge.




Various learning modules are offered:

-          Modules for beginners

-          Modules for remedial

-          Proficiency modules (according to specialties)

-          Preparation modules for the DELF

-          Preparation modules for the C1 Cambridge Exam



The audience:

Adults: ULS students and the greater public



Sessions duration:

Three teaching sessions are scheduled year long.

Fall session: (September – December)

Spring session: (January – June)

Summer session: Intensive (July)


A typical session runs over 30 meetings (2 meetings of 1.5hrs weekly) over 15 weeks.

Summer sessions also run for 30 meetings, daily from Monday to Friday, for 2 hours a day.

Preparatory classes for the DELF and C1 exams run for 30 hours over 20 meetings.




Assessment is ensured through continuous testing.

At the end of their classes, learners get:

-          A certificate of attendance

-          A DELF/DFP – C1 certificate



Contact us:

01-291 091 ext. 520 – 521