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b. File (hardcopy): download – fill – post


c. List of documents (Download the existing one on the web):

- for Undergraduate

- for Graduate

d. Procedure



April till September.

  • 3 photos passport, individual civil status certificate , entrance exam fees 65 $




Registration is available the day after the results according to each faculty.


- Undergraduate

File study fees 65 $

Registration fees 200 $ (Except for the faculty of Ecclesiastical Sciences 50 $). Fees may change without notice.


- Master

File study fees: 65 $

Registration fees: 200$ + first payment of tuition fees.




On file review



On file review




e. Help


- Questions/ Answers.


1. I don’t have the Lebanese Baccalaureate; can I enrol Sagesse University?

No, because entering ULS requires the baccalaureate or any equivalent diploma.


2. Does the freshman system exist at ULS?

No, ULS is preparing to have this system soon.


3. Can I integrate ULS after the freshman?

Yes, on a file study.



4. Can I do a bridging in “nursing”?

Yes, on a file study.


5. I am coming from abroad and I have a non-Lebanese Baccalaureate. What are the steps to follow to integrate ULS?

Yes only if the baccalaureate of the country of provenance has an equivalence with the Lebanese Baccalaureate certified by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.



6. I am coming from abroad where I started my studies; can I make a transfer?

Yes, on a file study.


7. I have already done a language test (TOFEL, Test aptitude, Cambridge, SAT, etc…) Do I still have to sit for your language test?

Tests could be taken into consideration depending on the result.


8. If I have the French Baccalaureate, do I have to present the French language test?



9. If I have a private health insurance, am I exempted from the social security CNSS?



10. If I already have social security with my parents or spouse, do I still need to register in social security with ULS?



11. If I still have the final project of my BS/BA, may I present the Masters.?

No, you are supposed to finish your first study cycle (BA/BS) to enrol the second study cycle (Masters).