Faculty of Hospitality Management
New Applicant
Transfer Applicant

-          Bachelor degree in Tourism / Hospitality Management /Business or in Economics or equivalent qualification, certified by the Ministry of Higher Education.

-          GPA 80/100

-          Significant relevant work experience minimum one year.

-          SMET or TOFEL

-          GMAT

-          Committee Interview

Applicants requesting credits transfer from other universities are required to submit an official transcript of records sealed in an envelope as well as a catalog from the previous college or university during the admissions process prior to the enrolment.  The conditions for acceptance are specified by the University Curriculum Committee and applicants will be notified prior to registration. 

The following conditions are required to transfer credits:

  • The applicant must meet the admission requirements of the Faculty.
  • The previous university local or international, which the applicant is requesting a transfer from must be licensed and the program accredited by the Lebanese Ministry of Higher Education. 
  • The maximum credits transfer will not exceed 35% of the total credits of the program.
  • A grade of at least "B" is required of each course following the American system and 16/20 following the French system.
  • All transfer courses are not computed in the GPA, only courses completed at the Faculty of Hospitality Management will be computed in the student's GPA.
  • Courses transferred will be given the letter "T" grade, which designates that the course is transferred.
  • The applicant should provide the Curriculum Committee with the course descriptions and contents of the courses completed in the previous university.